Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year: New Yarn : New Crochet Hook

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My new Crochet Hook set

Before Christmas comes, I usually crochet many small projects and some are wearables as gifts to my friends and relatives. Many people ask me why I crochet and give those crocheted project for free, instead of selling it. I just love to crochet and give it as my gifts. I love to see the grateful faces when you give these and how they love & appreciate my crocheted gift.

This christmas is the most memorable christmas gift I have ever had.
I won yarn (mini lot) from handmade by bheng's blog raffle..... 
thanks bheng.

Again, I won yarn from ginantsilyo. I used this blog as my entry, thanks Lorie. 
Here are some photos of my prizes.

Most of all, I received a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law. This is my long long time prayer, to have a complete set of professional crochet hooks. 

(can't put a price on this grin, loving it.....  hahaha)

In my excitement, I finished this hat in 2 hrs.

(yarn from chumpling)

I am thankful for 2012 and happy to face my 2013 crochet journey, for I have my new set of crochet hooks and lots of yarn to use. Thanks to all the generous & cheerful givers. 

May you all prosper and be happy this new year, 2013.

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