Sunday, March 3, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern from Red Heart

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I just finished a hat out of Red Heart free crochet pattern

Every yarn you purchase you can get a free pattern attached to the band on the yarn. It is really a nice hat and since this free pattern from Red Heart is for kid's, I just added 2dc on its 1st row. I just used black yarn so it can be unisex, but this really is for men.

When I finished I had my husband try it and asked him for his opinion. Then he told me " the design looks like it's for a girl". I forgot one thing, the pattern is for a little girl's hat. I was so sad :(, to think I wanted to finish this so quick that I can give it to him in time  for his birthday. Anyway, my husband suggested I give it to a girl because it's for women.

You can finish this within 4-5 hours.

Thanks Red heart for the free pattern.

I'm wondering what project can I make out of this stash.... suggestions will be appreciated.

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