Thursday, March 7, 2013

Work In Progress (WIP)

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I have this pretty green sleeveless dress and I just wore it 2 weeks ago. I just used my crocheted stripe cardigan to cover my shoulder & upper arms. 

When my husband saw it, he suggested I crochet a green cardigan.

So I did, then while I was crocheting my front panel someone saw me & she told me that she learned how to crochet when she is in elementary school. Now she wants to learn more and asked me
if I could teach her.

So I made a photo tutorial to teach her the easiest stitch I know, crochet shell stitchI teach her through my blog, photo tutorial. 

Then I realized why not teach her to make a scarf out of this stitch.

So now, I put aside my green cardigan and crochet my scarf out of shell stitch.

Hope this green cardigan will finish soon, after this scarf . :)

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