Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emergency !!! Where is my crochet hook?

Pin It Now! It was the night of August 19 at around 10pm when I heard this loud boom in front of our flower shop. Our apartment is on top of our flower shop. ( I crochet pretty much all day at any time I can spare a few minutes or hours during the day.) I immediately ask my daughter's nanny to investigate and find out what the loud boom was. When she looked outside the shop, she looked and saw my husband on the ground, all bloody and beat up. She called out to me immediately and I ran outside to see. When I got outside, it was my indeed my husband and he was in a vehicle accident and he was walking up to me and handing me the phone and asked me to call for rescue and the police dept for help. The jeepney ( a public utility vehicle) he was riding in was hit by a 14 wheeler truck loaded with gravel. He was bloody and I was beside myself trying to make sense of what just happened. When the emergency rescue units arrived and they began to treat him, I ran upstairs to get a bag ready for him. I was thinking he had to go to the hospital and would need clothes. I grabbed a bag and started to figure out what I needed to bring, but the first thing I slipped into the bag were my crochet projects. ( I have several projects in various stages of completion so they are all scattered all over our place.) For the life of me, I could not figure out what to bring to the hospital or what my husband would need at the hospital. I had to empty the bag to check if I was able to bring what he needed. I always made sure that I would put a crochet project in the bag so I would have something to do while waiting at the hospital. This is when I realized I was besides myself because I could not find a crochet hook. It got to the point where I went to my pencil case where I keep all my hooks and retrieved my spare hook. I prayed silently and said "Please help us God."  This is when I realized that the bag was supposed to be for the things my husband needed and not my crochet projects and I started to get the things he would need and put them in the bag..As my husband was being transported to the hospital, I waited for my parents to come and get me to bring me to the hospital and I realized that this would make a memorable experience and a good tip for everyone. ALWAYS HAVE A SPARE HOOK HANDY BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT WILL COME HANDY

Amazingly, I have gotten over this episode but I still wonder why it is I feel that I am not complete without my projects with me. I relish the emotion and satisfaction of seeing my finished projects. It is a feeling I cannot compare to any. So much different from the emotions I feel when my husband comes home or my baby says a new word, but it is something I relish every time I complete a project.

How about you? Do you have a memorable experience to share?

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