Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crochet Coin Purse

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Stitch Guide:

Make a foundation 16 chain.

Row 1.     1ch, sc in 2nd ch from hook (1st sc made), sc in remaining 15ch, 3sc in the same ch st, sc in remaining 14sc, 3sc in last remaining ch (where the 1st sc made). sl st in top of 1st sc. (36 sc)

Row 2.     1ch, sc in the same sc. sc in remaining 15sc, *2 sc in the next sc, repeat once more*. sc in remaining 14 sc., repeat *to*. sl st in top of 1st sc. (40 sc)

Row 3-15     1 ch , sc in the same st, sc in each sc around.  sl st in top of  the 1st sc. (40 sc)

Row 16    *ch 2, skip 1 sc, sl st in next sc*. repeat *to* around. end with sl st in the 1st sl st. tear off.

Attach zipper to secure your wallet.


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