Monday, July 30, 2012

Purse Accessories

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My sister-in-law gave me a gift, a very nice purse. When my other sister-in-law saw this purse, she told me that it would look prettier if I accessorize it, like a scarf on its handle. When I got home I realized, I could make a crochet accessory instead. So I looked for an idea on the internet for a pattern I could do. 
Guess what, I found an illustration pattern. I found it on facebook, I don't know if this is a japanese or chinese pattern but it helped. Actually it was a pattern for a stole but I adjusted its length shorter than the original pattern so it would fit my purse's handle. 

Bag by Tommy Hilfiger
Accessory by Girlie's Crochet Creations

I think it looks great! Thank's Lala for the purse, and thank's Mandy for inspiring me to do this accessory.

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