Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crocheted Table Cloth

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This is my first big crocheted project  and after this many followed. In this project I learned so many things, different kinds of mesh crochet stitches, a lot of patience, a lot more patience again. Actually a lot of patience, hahaha. As crochet lover we all know that while our hand is crocheting our mind is crocheting in different projects. In my case in this particular project, I learned to be patient that I have to finish this table cloth and struggle not to stop and be added on so many WIP (work in progress) project.

I thank God that He help on this journey, before I started this I just prayed that I may learn a lot more stitches and get more techniques. 
Then , I just offered this table cloth to our church for our Pastor's table.

I learned this crochet project from a Japanese book.

Due to high demand and inquiries, I am posting the front and back cover of the book. I used this book to create the above project, hope you enjoy.


  1. The table cloth is beautiful. I am sure it required a lot of patience. So nice of you to offer it to your church. I have the same book :)

  2. That is very pretty! can you also post the cover of the jap book that you mentioned?


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