Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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I usually uploaded a picture of all of my crochet project to my facebook account. There are some people that I don’t know(they just seen my picture by tagging our common friends in my photos), asking  if I sell that crochet project. Some asked where they can get the pattern I made, and some are just curious how I learned; as we all know there are only few people can crochet.

I learned basic crochet stitches when I was in my 5th grade. I just learned the basic stitches and crochet abbreviations, and that’s it. From there, I love looking for a crochet project. My grandmother ( my mother’s godmother in her wedding) have a lot of crochet projects. In their house, there was a set of table cloth, center table, corner table and coffee table crochet projects. I love looking at her creations. At my young age, I started to look at her if I will go to my old age, I want to make like those crochet and add a decoration around in my house. In the afternoon, she was crocheting at the library room, there I just watch her, occasionally, holding the thread while she’s crocheting. I just sat beside her and watch her while she’s crocheting.

When I get to high school, we have a “home economics” class. There we learned works within the house. I learned basic baking, cross stitch, different type of stitches, and crocheting. In this stage of my learning of crocheting, I learned how to read a pattern. I remember one time that my crochet teacher encourage me to join in a crochet competition in the school, guess what, I won gold medal. Then I join again in a crochet competition in other school, representing my school. Well, at this time I bring silver medal home. At this time, I just love crocheting anything at home. I remember, at this age I usually stayed at home and crochet. Just crochet, crochet, crochet. Some of my works are not nice… I just told my mother that I just practicing my crocheting talent.

After 10 years, I started to hook-up again in crocheting. At this time I started to buy a book, but crochet books was so expensive, so I try to look over the internet for free crochet pattern. From there, I learned and learned thru reading books and thru surfing the net about crocheting. Sometimes I found a nice site but I forgot to list down the url of free crochet pattern. I started to surf again hoping to look for a nice site that have a free pattern. That’s the reason why this blog was created, this is for those crochet lover like me, have a problem looking for a free pattern on the net. There are also some helpful tips in this blog that you might want to read.

I eventually learned to make my own patterns and you can see this in some of the patterns I have posted here. ENJOY!

 Tell me how you learned and loved crochet?

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