Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Do You Start Your Crochet Ball?

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From Inside or Outside?

            From time to time, we go to my mother’s flower shop. When we visit there we usually stay in her office for 5-6hrs. Visiting my mom is fun for my daughter since one of my nephews goes there to play with her. This is my favorite time too; while she’s playing I’m crocheting. 

So I have always my thread and hook with me. When I go out, I usually bring a yarn of ball; its size is convenient to carry anywhere. I can make accessories in no time. It keeps me busy while my daughter is busy.

            My mom loves to play facebook games, while waiting for customer. I remember she told me. “I want to learn how to crochet to keep me busy while waiting for the customer".

            One time, while we we’re at my mother’s flower shop, while crocheting, my crochet ball rolled over on the floor and reached the door. My daughter ran for it and gave it back to me. I think she did that for 3 times till my mom asked
me why I start my crochet from outside of the ball thread and not from inside. Then I asked her why should I? She told me, so that the ball will stop running everywhere. She don’t want to see her granddaughter running and following the ball, beside she told me that she knows that it should be started from inside and not from outside.

            I was shocked and wondering why she knows that? She doesn’t know how to crochet but she knows that process. She said, everyone knows that but why not me?

After finishing that project using that ball, the next ball I used I started inside. When I nearly finished the ball, the thread get stuck, all knotted up. I took me awhile to remove it and there was a time I actually cut the thread to remove the knots because it had become too tedious. 

Now I remember why I don’t want to start the thread from inside. Maybe for the longest time I experienced this but I forgot the reason why I  didn't want to start it from the inside. When my mom asked me that question, I could not answer her, I had no idea why. I was even surprised when she asked me that question.

I am a person who does not dwell on bad experiences, If I had I tried to forget it. In this case, now I remember why I don't want to start the thread from inside, I just have to experience it again to remember this incident.... grrrrr.

Anyway, now I am writing this, it will be a reminder for me. My advice, you can start your crochet ball anywhere you want, whatever is convenient for you. 

How about you, how do you start your crochet ball?  From inside or outside?


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  1. I usually start from the inside :) before when i use canon/monaco yarn, i always take out the cardboard inside. Yup, it does prevent the ball from rolling when u drop it. Even with larger yarns (Rosario/Baguio yarns/Yarnsource Manila) i always get the end of yarn from the inside. I do not always experience getting entangled yarn but when i do it is usually easy to unravel. This is easier for me, because as i work on the yarn, it gets thinner and easier to keep whenever i go outside and still crocheting and also, it doesn't have to 'roll' when u get more yarn as u crochet. because the 'rolling' is contained inside :) ahahaha.. my little boy loves entangling himself with my yarn, ain't helpful at all unlike ur kid :)


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