Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Learning: A Never Ending Process

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I met my mother’s friend when I was in high school and she loved to crochet too.

After 10 years, we saw each other again. When I saw her, she saw me crocheting so, she told me to visit her place to show me her projects. When I visited her, she had everything crocheted. From bags, curtains, purses, pouches and clothes. 

That time I had no idea yet how to crochet bigger projects. I remember she taught me one stitch. This stitch I used to make a blanket for my nephew when he was still a baby.

A year ago, I saw my mom’s friend again with her sister. They visited my mom, while I was there . 

We talked about crochet (of course) and I showed them my blog and crocheted photos. They were amazed, her sister told me that long ago, her sister used to teach me and now I am more knowledgeable than her sister. 

I wonder why? I just told them that I got those patterns from free crochet pattern over the internet and from the books.

My mom’s friend told me she didn’t know how to read an English book and illustration pattern. 

She told me that she just looked at other’s crochet finished project, and by looking at it she will know how it is done already. So she didn’t need to read pattern anymore since she could pick up the pattern on sight.

Well, each one of us have a different perspective when it comes to learning. For me, learning is a never ending process. 

Everyday I search for new stitches to learn. I was amazed with the power of the internet where we can learn something new everyday for free. You don’t have to go to school to learn more or just copy other’s idea. Internet is offering us for free, so why not grab it.

Learning everyday can enhance my talents, our talents. Don’t be contented with what you know, you must have a desire to learn more. 

For me, there is no EXPERT in my vocabulary, being an expert could stop you from learning more.

What stage in crocheting are you in, are you a Pro or Expert enough? 

Maybe I’m in an experienced stage and striving to be an Expert, how about you?

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  1. I loved to read your are awesome:)
    I consider myself expert and I keep learning everyday as well


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