Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching New Crochet Ideas

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Every year I hear people saying that they are in a Christmas shopping panic or they are in a hurry because the Christmas season is approaching. But as crocheters we make a gift year round even without any season or holiday.

And as a crocheter, our family and friends know that we love to crochet a lot, and when holiday comes they are expecting a crocheted gift from us (again).

Of course any occasion, we use our crocheted project as crochet gift, and I know some of them know that already without opening their gift box/bag from us, with hopes they are not yet bored of that.

Usually we have so many (PHD) Project Half Done in our bags/boxes. Last night I just finished 2 projects in one sitting. It just a seaming and edging and yet I left it half done when I could have finished it in no time. Well, maybe that’s one of crocheter’s problem.

We usually start a project then when we are crocheting, then a new crochet idea pops in your mind and you end up starting a new one and leaving your project half done.

My advice, Always put a notebook or a small notepad beside you so that when NEW IDEA pops-up in your head, you can write it down immediately and Crochet that later on.

Happy crocheting……

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  1. can't agree more ahhaah well., you know my story :) hahaha


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