Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Crochet a Bow Headband

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My daughter didn't want to put her hair in a ponytail,  she loves to let her hair fall on her shoulder. I made a ponytail for her to use but she refuses. 

So I made her a bow headband instead to keep her hair away from her face and her eyes. She loves it! hmmm, think this might make a nice gift too. 

Here is the pattern on how to make this bow headband. Enjoy crocheting!

Stash Yarn
Hook: Size 5

Row 1: Chain 7

Row 2: Dc on 4th ch from hook (consider as 1st dc) , dc in each of the remaining sts. (5dc)

Row 3: Ch3, dc in each of the remaining sts. (5dc)

Row 4-6: Repeat row 3.

Row 7: This is for the edging around the bow, Ch1, sc in the same st, sc in each of remaining sts.  Side: 2 more sc in last st, (ch2, sc in joined dc) 5 times, 3sc in the corner,  sc in each sts remaining, repeat (to) once more, ch2, 2sc in 1st st. end w/ sl st in 1st sc.

String: Ch 120, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each remaining sts, 

3sc in last st, working on the other side of the string, sc in each of remaining sts, 2 sc in last st. End w/ sl st in 1st sc. Cut off.

Here is how you make knot on the bow.

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  1. Just what I need.. my niece has been asking me to make ribbon appliqued accessories :) Thanks for posting :)


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