Saturday, October 29, 2011

Avoid Common Crochet Mistakes

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Here are some of the most common crochet mistakes to avoid. I go over
these in detail in my guide, Secrets of a Crochet Master Revealed.


One of the most common mistakes beginners make is obtaining an even
tension on their work.  This stems from the fact that the beginner is doing
something new and different.  That is stressful!  And when we are stressed,
what do we do?

We tighten our muscles.

We tighten the muscles in our shoulders, our neck, ultimately our arms
and hands.

When our hands become tense and tight we grip the crochet hook
and yarn with a death grip and have a hard time loosening up.

Some beginners make their foundation chain so tight that it is absolutely
impossible to even get their crochet hook into it to make a stitch.

Not Counting Stitches: basic as it sounds, this is a common mistake. 
You really do have to count stitches as you go until you are sure
you know where to place all of your stitches. 
As experienced as I am, I have even dropped stitches at the end
of a row and not noticed until I counted a few rows later.  Depending
on the project there are a few ways to fix this. 
Uneven Edges:

This comes from a combination of errors.  Usually not counting and making
sure you are completing enough stitches in a row, and secondly from not
knowing where to place your last stitch.

Being Afraid to Learn a New Stitch:

Now this is a little silly, but it happens. 
If you are afraid to work a new stitch on a new project, get out that
dishcloth yarn!

Yes, practice on a dishcloth, something that is disposable or serviceable. 
Even if you make mistakes at the beginning, the dishcloth will still
be useable and you will have been relaxed enough to try a new stitch
by working on something as insignificant as a dishcloth.

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