Monday, October 10, 2011


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Crochet Motivational Tools

How to motivate yourself into crocheting.

There are several ways I get motivated aside from the usual reasons, the fact I enjoy it and it helps to pass the day.

My daughter will always be a good motivator. She
appreciates when I finish a creation for her. The joy in her face when she puts on the new dress, fixes up her hair with the new accessory I just finished or wraps her water bottle with the new bottle holder I just finished.

My husband also appreciates the effort I put in to  making a new creation. My friends and relatives also enjoy the new cellphone holder, the water bottle cover or just a simple doily.

These are just some of the motivational tools that inspire me to make new crochet creations. The mere sight of them being used or worn is also a big factor. There is a lot of satisfaction gained from seeing my creations being put to use.

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