Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crochet Family : Meet-up

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 I joined this crochet community where we constantly talked about crocheting. Eventually we decided to meet-up in one place to get to know each other where we can share our patterns, knowledge and experiences.

            I actually like this and I want to meet new friends with the same interest. But I am thinking what should I do when I meet them?

a.     Introduce my name, “Hi, I’m Girlie, I love to crochet”

b.     Hug them one by one and introduce myself “Hi I’m Girlie, I love to crochet”

c.      I am shy, should I shake their hands while introducing myself. or

d.     Show them my yarn and hook promptly, anyway there is a saying… “Actions speak louder than words”

The meet-up is approaching and every time someone reminds me about that, my tummy starts to do somersaults to the point of aching. I think I’m going to blow and sometimes I feel that there is butterflies in my tummy that keep on flying while bouncing in every corner… lol. I know I'm just excited and cannot help but feel anxious since I have always been a loner.

What should I do? Pray and keep on praying. I know I will be enjoying this experience and I am definitely looking forward to it.


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