Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Do You Crochet?

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             Have you heard this question? If yes, how do you answer it?

            In my crochet journey, I have heard this question many times already, even my loved ones asked me too. I just answered them,  “ It makes me happy” with a sweet smile on my face.

            The colors and an image of a finished product in my mind make me smile. When I see a pattern that makes me excited,
I start dreaming of actually doing it. It helps me to relax too. It is like going to another world or another place where there are no problems and all I do is just crochet. Crocheting is like resting and a respite from all the worries and problems in my life. It is like YOGA to others.

            It makes me happy when someone appreciates my designed / finished project. Especially when I see someone wear it. All my aches and the pains are gone.

            Have you heard this question from someone and yet after you answer they are still wondering why we are so hooked on this hobby? Why I crochet? 

            It makes me happy, How about you?


  1. Hi my dear friend, Very sweet Hi from Turkey..:)) I am very happy to meet you..:)) I yound your very beautiful blog and now I am your newest follower..:))
    All best and warm wishes..:))
    All happy days...:))

    1. hello and likewise. am so glad you found my blog and i hope that you enjoy viewing and reading it as much as i do creating it. it is always fun for me to meet new friends with the same interests and hobbies that i can share my passion with. i welcome you with open arms and ready hooks. enjoy and have fun with it.

  2. I crochet because I like to be unique and I like making items that no one else has because it is a pattern that I designed. I am still pretty new at this (5 years) so my pattern making has a long way to go. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to wear a jacket I've made by hand, especially when people tell me how nice it looks. Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns with us!

    1. i am the same way. it is so nice to know that there is someone out there that feels the same way i do. i get a lot of joy and satisfaction also when i see others wearing or using one of my creations. no amount of money can replace the emotions and satisfaction i get seeing my creation on others. i do hope that you can make use of my patterns. please don't hesitate to give me feedback on my patterns and project. i will do what i can to improve them and make it easy for all to create something beautiful from my patterns.

  3. It relaxes me.. and it allows me to express a part of myself ehheeh any pattern or crocheted and knitted excites me :)


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