Friday, August 31, 2012

She Undid My Crochet Project

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Have you experienced having to undo your crochet project because you did it the wrong way? What if someone undid it for you without your knowing it?

            It actually happened to me, my daughter undid my crochet project.

            While my daughter was playing, I was crocheting. She usually plays beside me and all I have to do is listen to what she’s saying from time to time. This way I know what she’s doing while I crochet and listening to her noises lets me know that she's still busy playing. But sometimes when I am focused on counting the stitches, I forget that I am baby sitting.

I remember one time, she was playing  and asking me something while I was busy crocheting.  That time I was so focused on counting the stitches so I just said yes and nodded. She never left my side and I knew she was still playing since all her toys were beside me.
Then she asked me again for something, I said yes again without looking at her. I heard her singing beside me. So I know she is fine and still playing beside me. So I kept on crocheting.

Then suddenly, I had to stand up to go get some water to drink. I then saw what she was doing, she was pulling the thread of my Work In Progress dress. She was halfway by looking at the pile of ripped thread on her feet. I was shocked and asked her why she did that?  She told me, “Mommy, I asked you if I can play with this, if I can play with this, if I can pull the thread and you said yes and you nodded.”

I wanted to cry, I’m thought of how many days I had put into this crochet project.  I didn’t want my daughter to feel bad, instead I laughed and hugged her. I told her, next time don’t touch  my things unless I was the one who gave it to her.

From now on, when my daughter asked me something I make sure to look at her and give my full attention and know what she’s saying and doing.

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